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    Publishing Data Sources with minimum personal computer involvment

    Paul Kardash

      Hi all,


      On average once a week I need to publish a new/fixed data source to our Tableau server. Usually the chunk of data that I want to publish is pretty big (connecting to Cloudera Hadoop). Essentially what I need to do (currently) is to retrieve all those rows to my laptop and only when it's done, I can publish it to our Tableau server. The problem with this approach is that it takes too much time to do on my laptop. It would be nice if I could set a query/table that I want as a data source and place it empty to Tableau server and click refresh there, so it will populate it on Tableau server instead of retrieving it to my laptop.


      I came across this article but couldn't create an empty extract. Inside this article there is a link to how to create an empty extract. I couldn't really follow the first step. It says, "The first step is to establish a Boolean parameter for a little control." Do I do that after I connect to my table/query? If yes, I already grab the big chunk of data and that defeats the purpose. If no, how do I do that without connecting to some sort of a data source?


      If anyone knows a different and better way that I can use to populate the data source on the Tableau server instead of retrieving all the rows to my laptop, please do share you knowledge.


      Thanks in advance.