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    Calculating Year to date, Period to date, Week to date all verse last year using a custom calendar

    Ashley Rayner

      First time poster so please be easy if i am in the wrong place


      I am relatively new to tableau and so is our company, we have been on all the training we can but I have come to a point where the knowledge we have isn't enough.


      We use a custom reporting calendar based on  4-4-5 periods. Always run Monday to Sunday


      I am trying to build a daily kpi report which is automated one of the requirements is

      Yesterday vs relative day last year,

      Week to Date vs relative week to date last year,

      Period to Date vs period to date last year

      and finally Year to date vs year to date last year.


      I have found posts which help me with year to date, last year vs this year, same for month to date


      Where i am struggling is the auto filter for my custom periods.


      Apologies if this is the incorrect forum


      Hope some pointers can be given