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    CTUG Beginner's Meeting - 1/14/2016

    William Aubrey

      Last night was the first user group meeting of the new year with a special emphasis as a "Beginner's Meeting".  Many thanks to our Tableau Peers, Bethany Patterson and Charity St. John at Okuma America for organizing and hosting this event at their Thinc Partners facility in South Charlotte.  We started at the beginning with a presentation on Tableau Terminology (the presentation has been loaded as a document in the content folder on this site) and then went through a quick dashboard building demo using the super store dataset.  Many thanks to Brian Mooneyham and Manjesh Gorajala for pitching in during the Q&A and being our "Tableau Doctors" as we broke out into small groups for more focused problem solving!


      Charlotte Tableau User Group 2016 01 14 v3.jpg