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    Hard Drive Storage Question

    Mark Pesce

      I need some clarification regarding the storage for data extracts. When I look into my "Stats for Space Usage", it says the total storage I have on my Tableau Server is just over 10 GB. However, when I log into my server, I see that my C:\ProgramData\Tableau folder (where I'm pretty sure where my data extracts are stored) is almost 40 GB. Can someone help me understand the reason for the discrepancies? Also, if there are unnecessary files in this folder, how do I recognize and remove them?


      For some background information:


      • I do run a weekly task to run tabadmin cleanup --restart to help maintain the storage.
      • My Tableau Server itself is located on a separate partitioned hard drive (E drive) on my server.
      • I just recently upgraded to Tableau Desktop and Server 9.2