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    Dashboard Action Filter Copying Itself to Another Worksheet


      I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but I'm currently experiencing strange behavior with action filters upon creating my dashboard.  Here's the scenario:


      Let's say I have four sheets, named "Left Bar Chart", "Right Bar Chart", "Left Table", and "Right Table".  I put all four of these worksheets in a horizontal layout container on a dashboard, each one next to each other.  What I'm trying to accomplish is to have it so that when I click on a section of say Left Bar Chart, that will filter the Left Table to only show values filtered by the selection in Left Bar Chart.  The same is true for Right Bar Chart and Right Table...when I click on a section of the Right Bar Chart, it should then filter the content in the Right Table to only show values relevant to that selection. 


      In order to achieve this, I then create two separate action filters that use the bar charts as the source sheet and the tables as the target sheet--with separate action filters like this for each bar chart/table pair.  I then have it use a single dimension as the filtering dimension (in this case Agg Step 1 for the left pair and Agg Step 2 for the right pair--similar albeit slightly different dimensions), and I set the action filter to run on select and exclude all values when the bar chart sheet is deselected. 


      What ends up happening after I set this up is that it initially works fine when I use it with Right Bar Chart/Right Table.  The selection of the bar chart section works fine in filtering the table.  Then I do the same for Left Bar Chart and Left Table and it works fine as well.  However, when I go back to using the filtering with the Right Bar Chart/Right Table, it breaks the filtering on the Left Bar Chart/Left Table--it no longer works. 


      What I uncovered is that once I use the Right Bar Chart Action filter again after using it initially, the action filter ends up copying itself to the Left Table worksheet-- so instead of there being just the one Action Filter from the Left Bar Chart, there are action filters from both Left Bar Chart *and* Right Bar Chart.  All of the relevant settings under the Action Filters menu remain unchanged however.


      Does this sound like correct behavior?  Is there some kind of behavior or setting at play here that I'm unaware of?  To me it seems like this is a bug, because to me the Action Filters should remain how I set them initially, and not copy themselves to other worksheets like this after having used the action filter after the initial set up. 

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          Leah Prestwood

          Hi Arthur,

          I have not heard of this exact issue before. Is this workbook published to Tableau Server? What version of Tableau is being used? Is the issue only happening on this one workbook? Are the action filters set up to filter on specific fields or just specific worksheets? Are there multiple data sources in use?



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            Hi Leah,


            Yes the workbook is being published to Tableau Server, but the behavior is occurring as I'm building the dashboard in Tableau Desktop even before publishing to Server.  I'm currently using Tableau 9.2.1.


            At this point however, I've pretty much confirmed that the issue is indeed a bug, because I recreated the dashboard from scratch and set it up the same way, and everything is working fine now.  The action filter is working just as expected, and is no longer applying itself to other worksheets.  I think something must have happened as I was building the original dashboard that corrupted how the actions filters work.  The issue was only happening in this particular workbook I was working on, although this is the only workbook that had a dashboard set up with filters this way.  The filters were set up to filter on a specific field on a specific worksheet, but the problem was that the filter was applying itself to a worksheet that I didn't specify it to.  Only one data source was being used.



            This is clearly a bug, because recreating the dashboard from scratch has fixed the issue and everything is working as expected now.