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    Treat multiple Excel sheets as one sheet

    Adrian Grassl

      Hello together,


      for a Tableau visualization I need to import data from an *.xls file.


      In total I have around 650.000 data sets and due to the restrictions of the xls file, the sheet "Values" stops in row 65536 and begins a new sheet named "Values(2)". This way the file ends up with 10 "value"-sheets, where one sheet continues the sheet before.

      Is there a way to connect all these sheets within Tableau? What I want is to pull the value "Duration", which is a column in every sheet, to rows and the value "Failures" to columns. Like if there would be only one sheet "values" in my Excel file.

      My workaround so far is, saving the *.xls as *.xlsx and copy the data sets from "Values(2)" - "Values(10)" to the first "Values" sheet and then open it with Tableau.


      For some reason the link functions of Tableau didn´t solve my issue.


      Thank you!