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    Exclude all values in action?

    Sankarmagesh Rajan

      hi Team


      I have one bar chart and tabular report. top of dashboard I added the category totals .

      Report default will show the totals in top. Once we select the bar or tabular report then up or down arrow will show in top of report based on the values compare with last year and current year.


      I have added exclude all values option in actions and added up/down arrow sheets.


      Once I click the bar then total will change but the arrow mark will not work. once I select tabular report then arrow showing in top of total.


      Please let me know what the issue here.


      This is very urgent..


      Please reply guys.




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          Simon Runc

          hi Sankar,


          Sure you know what I'm going to ask!!...are you able post a workbook demonstrating the problem? It appears that there might be some conflict with the action filters (eg. one set to leave filters on de-selection)...but hard to know exactly without taking a look (what action filters are set up?, what are the source/target sheets?, what Dims are passed...etc.).


          For an urgent fix, you could use this method


          Sheet Swap with Action Filters...the simple version!


          which should force the collapse of your Arrow Sheets, on de-selection...although in this case it doesn't sound like we need to go this far, and using the 'default' exclude on de-selction should do the trick.

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