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    Percentage of orders completed on Time (in calendar days, hours & minutes)

    Jagjit Singh

      Hi All,


      We issue work orders/Jobs to contractors to repair properties and want to calculate percentage of orders completed on Time (in calendar days, hours & minutes) – This measures the time between the date/time the repair request is received by maintenance team and the date/time the works are completed by contractor. Below is the KPI for each category.

      The challenge I'm facing is how to calculate and show in the dual axis pie chart in percentage how close we are to the target per month. Something similar to the chart in the link below




      Urgent4 hrs100%
      Category 1 24 hrs99%
      Category 272 hrs99%
      Category 3 20 days99%


      I have upload sample data and the date columns are explained as below:


      Requested Date: The date the repair request was received

      Ordered Date: The date the work order was sent to contractor

      Required Date: When the work is required to be completed.

      Completion Date: When the work was actually completed


      I would like to show the viz as in the attached screenshot.