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    How to control the number of rows in a table using a parameter

    Mark Fraser

      I started this thread as I couldn't attach a workbook to a comment in an idea.

      This thread links to this idea > Controlling the number of rows in table through parameter


      Below is a basic method for controlling the number of rows displayed in a table using a parameter

      Please note - This is a starting point and could be extended.


      The technique is to leverage the INDEX() function along with a parameter.


      First step - Create a Parameter, set the value to at least 1, display it

      Next the formula

      Display Filter >> IF INDEX() <= [Rows To View] THEN 'SHOW' ELSE NULL END


      Put the Display Filter on the Filter shelf, set to SHOW

      Done! You can now type a value in the Rows to Show and only that number of rows is displayed.


      (You don't need to display the INDEX/row number, I'm just displaying it so you can see what is returned)

      Working v9.1 attached.




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          Madhuri M

          Hi Mark,


          Perfect!! Very well explained. Thanks for your time

          Unfortunately it didn't work for me. Let me explain my scenario,you might be able to help me with a work around!!


          i have multiple reports such as bar charts, density charts, map and a table report in a dashboard.

          All these reports have actions established and action on one report will filter data in others.


          When dashboard loads for the first time, it will have 30,000 records.

          When we apply filter on bar graph, it will filter table records.


          Now when the dashboard loads for the first time, i don't want the table report to load all 30000 records. instead i want to show only 1000 random records. but if i select 3000 records on bar chart, it should show 3000 records in table report.


          I cant upload the twbx file because data is confidential.

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            Cathy Bridges

            I wonder if you could make a copy of your table report sheet that would load the 1000 records, and use the "Apply to Selected Worksheets" feature of the filter Mark explained so that the filter impacts only your bar chart and the other table report. (See attached, modified from Mark's workbook).