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    Tableau Desktop 9.2.1 crash



      i have multiple Workbooks created in Tableau Desktop 9.2.1 (9200.15.1215.2037) 64-Bit. They connect to a MSSQL 2008R2 Datasource and a Tableau Server 9.2.0 (9200.15.1201.0018) 64-Bit.

      I have set up a data source filter which filters rows by comparing a filed with the result of the FULLNAME() function of Tableau.


      Now since a few days when i open some of those workbooks they are connecting to the data source and the Tableau Server as usual. But when i use the "Filter as User" Option Tableau crashes after a few seconds of loading. After this the logs just show a "Unhandled Exception: 0xc0000005".


      Is anyone experiencing a similar behavior or has an idea whats the cause for this?


      Thanks in advance.