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    REST API error logging?

    Mike McKinney

      Hi All,


      We are running Tableau server 9.1.0.  We have an application which uses Tableau's REST API to create a user.  I know that a status code of 405 is returned, and I know by reading the below document, which has a table of HTTP response codes, that a 405 response code is the result of an Invalid request method, where a Request type was not PUT.




      The only way that I know that the status code being returned is a 405, is because our application forwards this error to our monitoring system.  While the 405 status code is being logged, specific text that the Tableau server might have returned to the application along with the status code is not being forwarded to our monitoring system.


      I have examined Tableau server's Apache access/error logs, as well as the wgserver and vizqlserver logs, but have not found this error logged on the Tableau server side.


      When failed calls are made to Tableau's REST API, are these errors logged by Tableau server?  If not by default, is there a configuration setting that can be modified to have these errors logged?