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    Performance based conditional formatting

    Mickey Itchon

      I need to do some conditional formatting on multiple measures within the same view.  The formatting needs to be done on a performance based scale.  When the performance goals are met or exceeded, the cell's text would be green,

      if 80%-99% of the goal is met, the cell is black,

      and if less than 80% of the goal is met, the text is red.


      I have the performance goals in a table that is linked to the report.  I'm thinking that a calculated field for this would look similar to the one below, but I could be way off. 

      Extsub T = the goal



      IF SUM([EXT_SO])<(0.8*(SUM([Extsub T]))) Then 'Red'

      ELSEIF SUM([EXT_SO])>=(0.8*(SUM([Extsub T]))) Then 'Green'