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    switching measures tableau software

    Meriem ALAMI

      Hi everyone

      I am new to Tableau software,

      I have a problem with Measures

      I want to have 3 buttons, each one activates a measure that changing  map view


      I know that I should create a sheet with new data as buttons

      But I dont know how can I  link My Map to this sheet ?



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          Nirupam Haas Tirukkovalluri

          I think the below link should help you


          Sheet Selection on Steroids | VizPainter




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            Carl Slifer

            Howdy Meriem,


            It looks like you want to have 1 worksheet and several different measures. You then want the ability with a click of a switch to change which measure to use? If so we are going to do something pretty simple here. We will create a parameter and a calculated field. We will use the calculated field in our view and then we will make the parameter trigger the calculated field.


            1) Create a Parameter

                 a) Change the data type to string

                 b) Chang the radial select option to 'list'

                 c) Type in the list. Accumulated Earnings, ETR Local, Autolink-ETR, etc


            2) Create a new calculated field

            CASE [Parameter Name]

            WHEN 'Accumulated Earnings' THEN [Accumulated Earnings]

            WHEN 'ETR Local' THEN [ETR Local]

            WHEN 'Autolink-ETR' THEN [Autolink-ETR]



            3) Bring this new measure into the view on the colors shelf of the marks card

            4) Remove the Filter 'noms de measures'

            5) Profit




            Carl Slifer