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    Problem in creating Dashboard using extract published on Tableau Server


      Hi Everyone,

      I have published Tableau Data Extract on Tableau Server and using it as a data source for creating a Dashboard, i am able to login to Tableau Server through Tableau Desktop but when i try to create a Dashboard i am not able to create it as it keep giving the message of "Executing Query".

      The system configuration for the particular system is:-
      Processor:- AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 B26 3.20 GHz
      RAM- 3 GB
      System OS-32 bit


      For one or two systems with same system configuration it is working fine but for rest of the system's even if the system have
      Processor:- Intel i5 processor
      RAM:-3 GB
      System OS:-32 Bit
      it is giving the message of "Executing Query".


      Please let me know the possible reasons for this problem as i am stucked with this problem and have no idea regarding possible reasons for the same.