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    Filter and data blending using same field

    Meghana Kedari

      Hi All,

      I have a requirement where I am blending data from two data sources (using Edit Relationship) on a common field. Now I want to use a quick filter on this common filed in the dashboard that filters data from both data sources in the worksheet.


      For example - I have month and year fields in both data sources. I blended them using these fields and created two worksheets. Now in the dashboard, I want to use a filter on Month and Year which filters data in both worksheets. But we have only two options - 1)  Apply to only this worksheet  or  2) Apply to all worksheets using this data source.


      I know there is a possibility of achieving it using parameters but we can't have option of choosing all values if we use parameters. So can anyone please help in achieving it without using parameters ?


      Note : I am using version 8.2