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    Tableau server same hardware upgrade

    p k



      We are trying to upgrade from Tableau 8.1 to Tableau 9.2 in an AWS environment. This is a very small environment, with 7.5 GB RAM on the server.

      The question I have is, we want to do same  hardware upgrade to tableau server, will the new server 9.2 64 bit install on the 7.5 GB RAM. I know that hardware requirements do say to have  8 GB of RAM. But is it a hard and fast rule to have the 8 GB ?

      I want to test it out by trying to install the new tableau server, but i am little hesitant to try it as the new server  installation process requires us to remove the older version of the tableau server in order to install the new one, and there is no side by side installation, and i do not want to disturb the current environment.


      Has any one had this kind of experience ? Any suggestions.


      Thank you,