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    Dashboard Concepts for Medicare datasets

    Daniel Addison

      Hello Community,


      My name is Daniel.


      I am working on creating a intricate dashboard project based on the Medicare Hospital Spending by Claim data sets from the data.medicare.gov website. Would anyone in the Tableau community like to assist me on this dashboard project to come up with some preliminary ideas of dashboard visuals of the data? Below I put together some of the preliminary ideas I have and I attached the website link of the data sets. Any help or ideas from the community I more than welcome.


      Medicare Hospital Spending by Claim | Data.Medicare.Gov


      Some preliminary idea


      1. We could compare (view) data for the 4 hospitals that are part of UI

      Health Alliance (UI Hospital, Genesis, Mercy CR and Wheaton Franciscan)

      for the total MSPB.


      2. We could examine the "timeline" - and see whether before, during, or

      after the stay costs are high (would need a benchmark - maybe state

      average, national average?).


      3. We could examine the care settings - and see where the patterns of care

      varied (e.g., some areas use more home health), and which costs were

      higher than expected/average, etc.


      My suggestions of requirements gathering for the dashboard


      1. Separate pie chart for cost in each setting of each hospital.


      2. A geographic map that when a hospital is chosen, it will show the hospital specific info/pie chart.


      3. Use a 4 color coded bar graphs for each setting and using 2 lines for State and National trends in the same display


      4. Use the 4 color codes in a scatter plot to immediately see the outliers (care settings of all the hospitals) and have some data listing the state & national ave on the graph.


      5. Or a display (on ave) how much is spent 1-3 days prior to admission (patient readmitted as an inpatient), during admission, & 1-30 days post discharge for each hospital, along with the state and national ave. They (Medicare) will not reimbursement  It will be critical for the hospital to understand what are the expenses.


      Thank you Community,