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    Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: cannot resolve type

    Thijs Kloosterman



      I get the above error when I switch my workbook (in Tableau Desktop) from a live database connection to an extract. It only occurs after I introduced a LOD expression into one of the views...


      The expression that seems to cause the problem:


      { FIXED [CountryName], [Sector], [Date] :



      CASE [Select KPI]

      WHEN 3 THEN [Select Turnover Growth Period]

      WHEN 4 THEN [MGR/Turnover12M]

      WHEN 5 THEN [OCR]






      Again, there are no issues when I use a live connection, but I get the error once I use an extract. Which is a real problem given that I need to upload the workbook to Tableau Online!

      After I get the error, I can click OK and continue, but then the view that the expression is in, is completely broken.


      Any help?