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    Percentages in survey data

    Daniel Toth

      Hi all,


      I facing problem with percentages in survey data.

      I would like to visualize data as follows:

      This was priority question ("please select the most important option...") up to 5 answers + "None of above option"



      I am using 3 different filters for data.


      When using automatic percentage calculations (using Option), they do not take into account Noneofabove.

      I tried also FIXED function, however when applied to my filters, it shows incorrect numbers.


      Does anybody know, how to calculate these percentages? The workbook is attached.

      Thank you!



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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy Daniel,


          I'd love to help but I'm very unsure what you are looking for. I've read your post a few times and it seems all that you want to just remove any time somebody answered 'none of the above options' from your calculations? I'm guessing it's not something that easy but I have to at least venture something. If this is correct filter it from your Answer dimension.  If not toss me a bone and I'll do what I can.



          Carl Slifer


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