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    Problem with Home button

    Miguel Angel

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a problem with a Home Button (Table of Contents) on my Tableau. I have a worksheet that works as Menu (Table of Contents) and differents worsheets for each area of a company. In each worksheet (for each area of a company) I have a "home button" (the same button) that takes me back to the Main Menu.


      The button to go from Main Menu to each area works fine, but when I click on the "home button" to return, leads me to another area and not the Main Menu. This happen in all "home buttons" of all worksheets in each area. The strange thing is when you click in "home button" (in each area) always returns to the same area.


      For example, if I go from Main Menu to the area of Marketing and then I click on the "home button", it takes me to worksheets of Finance. Then, being in the worksheets of Finance, if I clicking again on the "home button", then leads me to the Main Menu.


      This happens to all worksheets (the home button leads me to the worksheet of Finance and then to clicking again brings me to the main menu). It is as if a kind of loop.


      I have already read this forums,






      but didn't work (indeed I created my action filters by following this rules)


      Help, please, I appreciate a lot