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    Web Objects not showing up on Tableau Server.

    Manjot Singh

      Hi Friends,


      I have created a Dashboard where I am trying to create a URL action that opens up a web link when I click on a certain variable. I took the following approach -


      1. Created a worksheet with all the variables.

      2. Created a calculated field that links variable to the web link. e.g -


      If Name ='XXX' Then 'https://community.tableau.com/discussion/create.jspa?containerType=14&containerID=2023&draftID=333159'

      Else End;


      3. Then I created a dashboard with the worksheet , web object , and URL action. The URL action opens up the link in the web object.


      This whole process works just fine on my local laptop. But when I published my dashboard to the server, the weblink is not opening up in the web object.


      Any workaround for this issue or any guidance that can help me resolve this issue  is highly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.



      Manjot Singh