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    Think Data Thursday: JavaScript API UX of the Future

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      Join us January 14 at 8:00 AM Pacific for the next Think Data Thursday:  JavaScript API UX of the Future

      What is JS? No, it doesn't stand for Jeff Shaffer! In this TDT, Jeff Shaffer, Allan Walker, Chris DeMartini, and Anya A'hearn will show you what is possible with JavaScript, Tableau, and Mapbox, with a little CSS glitter on top. Learn how to implement Tableau with Reveal.JS so that you can have interactive visualizations embedded in your presentations. See a demo of a sleek Metro UI design for your visualizations. And even see how to add voice control and voice response to your viz.

      Next, board the train to Crazy Town as we finish by showcasing "War Games" for Tableau – including animated machine learning tic-tac-toe, decrypting alpha-numerical launch codes, and *fingers crossed* – polar projected background maps. Oh, and great circle arcs with data densification! Your Tableau UX will never be the "same old" again!


      This event is concluded.  The event was recorded and is available for watching via our YouTube channel playlist after the event if you were unable to attend.