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    Reference Line at Specific Slope?

    Mathew Grimm

      Hi there, I'm looking to add a sloped reference line to a viz and am having some trouble figuring it out.


      I'd like to show cumulative daily results for the month with a cumulative "goal pace" to see if I'm meeting the pace needed to make the goal. I've cheated in the viz below by adding a goal pace in the data source. That won't otherwise be available to me. I'd like to be able to quickly edit the the slope of the line at the beginning of each month. In the case of December below, for every day on the viz, I want the cumulative goal line (green) to increase the count by 3.5. Possible?



      The closest I can come is something that looks like the following, but I'd prefer it to be a normal line.




      Thanks for advice or tips,


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          Zack Gorman

          Hi Matthew,
          You're on the right track with using a line and running sum. What I would do is use a parameter for your daily goal amount (in this case it's 3.5) and a calculated field that goes:

          Running_Sum(Avg([Daily Goal Parameter])).
          This will increment by 3.5 (or whatever other number you select for the parameter) for every day that you are showing data. This distinction is important, because it won't automatically go up for every calendar day, and the results will be different if you're only showing part of a month.

          Hope this helps,
          Zack Gorman


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            Mathew Grimm

            Thanks, Zack, very helpful! It would be great if this were a reference line that I could format separately, but I'll take this as a big improvement.