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    Tableau Mobile :: iPad Air :: Resolution?

    Joseph Bertram

      Hi everyone,


      My manager has an iPad air with the Tableau Mobile app and was testing out some dashboards over the weekend.  I've coded all my dashboards with a fixed width for 1080p resolutions (standard high def).  I checked the iPad 3 and iPad air and they can do 2048 X 1536 (QXGA, slightly better than 1080p).  So I thought the dashboards would render fine in the Tableau Mobile app, but he said that the sizing didn't look good on the mobile app.


      Does the Mobile App itself have a resolution limitation? 


      I don't have a tablet device myself that I check myself ahead time, so i wanted to check with the community and see if someone give me some details or direct me to a production specification page( I haven't been able to find it myself yet).


      Thanks for the help.