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    How to create the same "Status" reports pre-generated on Tableau Server by accessing raw data via posgresSQL connection

    Kirstin Lyon

      Hi All,


      I'm pulling out the server statistics via Alteryx and (as a start) and trying to copy the reports that come as standard on Tableau Server for site admins.  The idea is I'll validate my data against the site reports, and then develop my own after that.  However, I can't get the numbers to match.  Does anyone know how the tables should be connected to get each report?


      This is what I've done so far in order to find out how often a report is being viewed:


      Joined _sites to _projects (inner join using siteID) - A

      Joined _views to _workbooks (inner join using workbook ID) - B

      joined A and B (inner join using project ID) - C

      Joined _View_stats to C (inner join using viewsID)


      For this particular report, I'm only interested in how users are viewing reports, and look at the column "nviews" in _view_stats,  but this doesn't give me the same result as the report actions by specific user.  help?


      Many thanks.