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    Default Value for Quick filters


      is there a way to retain default value for quick filter? can we have those default dynamically set when underlying data set is changed.


      for example


      For a dashboard using USA data and having quick filter for State Column; everything thing being same(name of state column is also same for USA & Canada data set) when the underlying data set is changed to CANADA's data set,dashboard is unable to retain the default value. In fact it displays USA state name as default value with parenthesis (indicating missing value) and as a result the dashboard is blank initially


      I read a post on vizpainter.com and tried that approach but it didn't work for me.



      I have attached the workbook  along with sample dataset; so when user goes to edit connection and swap data between Canada excel sheet and USA excel sheet, it does not retain the default values.


      Is there any way one can achieve to set default values in quick filter dynamically.?



      Thanks in advance.