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    Server Content Question


      Newbie question: Can we host and administer non-tableau content on a tableau server? It appears that Tableau also acts as a web server which means I should be able to post static files, such as pdf documents, other html files for each project/folder etc. Is this possible?

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          Shankar Narayanan SGS

          Hi Rahm.


          The answer to your question is a yes and a no. Yes you can host other web contents like PDF, files as Tableau runs on apache server, but do note that the apache is tuned and configured for running tableau application. It might not that well if you are trying to host custom application.


          The answer is no if you are trying to use tableau application itself to upload and host those files. You would not have an interface to upload files and see it via the tableau application.



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            Toby Erkson

            Technically, yes.  However, you do not want to unless you don't mind degrading your Tableau Server performance and annoying all your end users.

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              John Kuo

              Please don't do it, even if you can. Best practice says to run no other applications on the Windows Server hosting Tableau. You'll run into performance issues or port conflicts, etc. You'll just create more headache for yourself.





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