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    Could not connect to server. The path to Tableau Protocol Server is empty

    Scott Bradshaw


      I've got Tableau server set up and working fine (I can refresh workbooks on a schedule). I've got three data sources, all of which are just tables from a SQL Server database. I've added a new data source (again just a table in SQL Server) and created the dashboard in Desktop with no issues. However, when I publish it to the server, it can't connect to this data source. I get the below error message (I've removed the details).



      What I don't get is the server name, username and password are exactly the same as the other data sources. And it only seems to happen with this one table. The above is a custom sql query, but I've tried just getting the table as a data source (rather than a query) and I get the same issue. I've also tried with another table and it works fine (both as the table and a sql query).


      Any ideas?!