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    Hide values from quick filter


      Hi All,


      I need help plz in fixing this-


      I have calculated Yoy growth % using 24 months of data.My display is a text table based. I only want latest 12 months to be part of my view.I have hidden other 12 months with Hide>column option.

      Issue: I need to show only latest 12 months in the quick filter too instead of all 24 months.

      Hiding 12 months: I created duplicate of the month field, added to filter shelf, excluded the values i wanted to exclude and With "original" month field already in the filter, set to ‘relevant values’. I got the filter to display only latest 12 months.

      New issue: Calculated yoy fields were going missing or blank upon hiding 12 months from the quick filter since they are being used in yoy field creation.

      FYI- I used lookup formula in creating calc field like one below- lookup([sales],0)/lookup([sales],12)-1.

      Please help me with any suggestions -

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          Bill Saltmarsh

          JayC: It might be helpful to attach a workbook that illustrates the particular issue you're having. If you do so, someone here will probably figure this out for you.



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            I don't know the below solution will help or not. in the below screenshot I have created like if you want to show last N days for example, you need to keep day in the columns and measure in rows and drag the date field onto the rowshelf and select relative date in that select days and give how many N days of data you want to show in the report, in the image I select last 20 days of date.


            Try this n check.



            Last N Days.png

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