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    Conditional Formatting-Color codes

    Niranjan Banarjee



      Can anyone help me in solving the formula for the below requirement.

      I want my color code for the circles to change based on the X & Y axis selection.in Y axis I have option to select either TCU or Competition.

      I am able to achieve the desired below view when my Y axis is selected as TCU based on the below formula.


      IF ATTR([Industry])>0 and ATTR([TCU])>0 THEN 'MoreGreen'

      ELSEIF ATTR([Industry])<0 and ATTR([TCU])<0 THEN 'DarkRed'

      ELSEIF  ATTR([TCU])<0 then 'red'

      ELSEIF ATTR([TCU])>0 THEN 'Green'



      Please help me in the formula so that color coding does work on changing Y axis.