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    About Administrative view

    Alex Shan

      Dear all,


      Tableau Server has some nice function called Administrative to monitor the activities on the server. But I am getting some questions on it.


      So how long can this view keep the record? Is there any limits such as only the recent 1 month record is kept?


      And if cleanup is run on the server, will the records also be cleaned up? If so, any way to choose not to cleanup this record?




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          Paul Moran

          Hi Alex,


          I tested this on my Tableau Server sandbox and tabadmin cleanup had no affect on the Administrative views. I could still see records from 6 months ago (when I installed Tableau Server).


          The records on the Tableau Server Administrative views can stretch back for years.



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            John Kuo

            Hello Alex,


            Just a caveat that not all records are kept for 6 months under some circumstances:


            From  Create Custom Administrative Views

            The tabadmin set option auditing.enabled controls whether Tableau Server collects historical user activity and other information in the repository. It is enabled by default. Be aware that collecting historical events impacts the size of Tableau Server's backup file (.tsbak).

            • All hist_ tables are controlled by the tabadmin set option wgserver.audit_history_expiration_days, which controls how many days of event history are kept in the repository and has default value of 183 days.
            • The _http_requests table is cleaned of all data older than 7 days every time tabadmin cleanup or tabadmin backup is used. For more information, see Remove Unneeded Files.
            • The _background_tasks table is cleaned automatically and keeps data for the last 30 days.
            • All other tables with names that begin with a "_" prefix contain current data.





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