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    different Percent of Total on different axes

    Raoul Leblanc

      I am trying to create a scatter plot in Tableau.  I have created an excel workbook with some dummy data and a viz.  I have attached both.


      Here is what I am trying to do:  imagine you have three stores (A,B,C) and they sell three products (footballs, basketballs, and baseballs).  I want to make a graph that shows, as per below





      that shows

      1. along the y-axis, the football sales of each store as a % of the total football sales from all three stores.  In other words, what is the level of reliance for total football sales of each store.   I can make this one in my twbx.

      2. along the x-axis, footballs as a % of the sales of each store.  In other words, what is the level of reliance/exposure to footballs sales of each store.  I cannot figure how to do this, much less still retain the other one as correct.


      Importantly, I do not want any other marks in the analysis.  My "real" data already has a large number of marks and filtering down seems to throw off everything.  Also, I want these on the same viz, if possible, not as two half-viz's put together in a dashboard


      Any suggestions?  Thanks.