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    Conditional formatting of one of the columns which is a part of "Measure Values"

    vashisth sorathia



      1 - I have a set of metrics which are shown in a table. They are packaged in "Measures" field such that all the metrics are present in Measure Values and the only field dragged into the Column shelf is Measure Names. There are 10 metrics which form Measures set. Now, I want to conditionally format only one of them with shapes, leaving others unchanged. But when I try doing this, the shape property gets applied to other metrics too which is not desired. Is there anyway I can apply shape to only one particular metric?


      2 - Consider the same table with metrics packaged in "Measures" shelf. I want to combine 3 of the metrics and incorporate them into a horizontal stacked bar chart which is still an element of the table for every row. Is this possible? If yes, how?


      Below is a screenshot showing both the desired outputs.

      Thanks in advance.