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    Line chart - possible to NOT display all the lines?

    James Mesbur

      Hopefully this is a simple question, but since I haven't figured out a simple solution, I thought I'd ask the experts


      I've created a series of dual-axis area/line charts that I'm planning to make compact, sparkline-line viz'es with. The blue area represents the total number of calls into a call center. The orange line indicates the % of unsuccessful calls, while the grey line indicates the % of successful calls. There are only 2 possible call types, so the 2 lines always add up to 100%, which is providing redundant information. The only metric of interest is the successful call %.


      I'm basically doing the following:


      Area chart:  SUM(CallCount)

      Line chart:  SUM(CallCount) colored by CallEndDisposition (Success/Failure)


      And I only want to show the grey line. If I exclude the Failures, the area chart changes and the line shows at 100%. If I duplicate the CallCount measure and use that for the line chart, and exclude the Failures, then I'm left with a line at 100%.