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    Using Table Calculation Results as filter while retain certain data




      I have a set of data which contains 2 different month end data.  I want to build up a comparison view between the 2-month data.  I would like to filter out dataset based on certain threshold on the difference of the 2-month values.

      Here is the example.


      Here is how the worksheet looks like before I apply any filter.  The MoM_Balance is the difference between Feb and Jan revenue. Please note that Jan difference is null as there is no prior revenue to calculate the difference.




      Say if I want to only look at the stores which has revenue difference more than 500K.  I do this by using the abs(MoM_Balance) field.    After applying the filter, now it only shows the Feb data.



      My question is if there is another way to calculate the difference ( or do these kinds of comparison) while retaining the records from both months ?


      Thanks in advance for your help!