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    tableau web server completely slowed down after first restart

    Kiran Ganapuram

      Hi Folks,


      I am new to tableau, we are using a trial version of 9.1. The thing is i have setup the tableau server and published few dashboards there and all seem to be on the right way.


      I was trying to setup smtp configuration for subscriptions and alerts today and  the tableau configuration manager asked for a restart which i did. this is my first restart after the installation.


      There upon when i see my web server, everything has slowed down, a one click on the project is taking too much time and never coming up.


      the process in the server are pretty good not consuming the performance of the VM and the server is doing good.


      The problem is only with the tableau server when i have restarted for the first time. Can anyone of you guide and help me out of this.

      Thanks in Advance,