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    Inconsistent URL action behaviour. Dashboard embedded into website

    Ivan Klimovich

      I've got the following problem: 


      When I use "Menu URL action" and click the URL in the menu I'm not redirected towards destination URL. Instead I'm redirected to the following URL: {Server address}/views/{View name}/{URL}  ( error message in the attached pic)


      1) I have a dashboard embedded into the website.

      2) On the dashboard I have URL action filter.  If I drag and drop URL field on the viz I can see the correct URL next to each row of my data.

      3) Not all fields return error, only some.

      4) When I use "Select" type of URL action - links work fine.

      5) When on the page with error message I leave only URL part in the address bar - the resulting link works fine



      Any idea what might cause this behaviour?