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    left join in tableau- performance issue

    Tharashasank Davuluru

      Hi All,


      I have a  scenario here please look into it and provide me a optimized solution:


      I am using Maria Db datasource  for reporting whcih is of size of 3.5 mb.  I have 20 tables in this database . I am applying inner join on some tables and left join on some tables. Iam attaching a picture of joins Please have a look. when i do this it is taking cross product or cartesian product of tables which is resulting  me millions of records. when i try to extract it is taking more than 14 hours still the extract is not completed.




      what should i do to overcome this problem?

      how to remove the Cartesian product or cross product between the tables?



      I tried doing custom sql by using union it is resulting me data of 352736 number of records. below is the custom query for this


      Can we represent the same query in visual joins?

      If we can move this  query from the Custom SQL dialog to the database,  can we  do it?



      Need suggestions Please help me.

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