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    Trusted authentication for VPN clients using asp.net

    Vidhyalakshmi Hariharasubramanian

      Hello everyone,


      I am new to tableau. I have this complicated problem in our system, where I am trying to use trusted authentication to by-pass tableau login. We have installed Tableau server (ex: and have added the webserver (ex: to its trusted hosts list. In order to connect to the servers, we use Cisco VPN our IP is dynamic.

      The tableau reports are to be integrated to an asp.net web application hosted in the webserver (, which has an existing login mechanism. So, I would like to avoid/by-pass the tableau login. To achieve this, I am trying to use trusted authentication. When I tested this in the webserver ( as mentioned in the link : http://kb.tableau.com/articles/knowledgebase/testing-trusted-authentication, it returns ticket value only when I send the client IP. But when I try to access the embedded tableau reports, I am unable to get the reports. Instead, I get "Could not locate unexpired trusted ticket" error. Also, I am unable to find ways to retrieve VPN IPs of the clients from my webserver. I am embedding the tableau reports using javascript in asp.net page. Also, I have set " wgserver.unrestricted_ticket" to true but no luck.

      My requirement is to find a proper way to avoid tableau login (using trusted authentication) while embedding the reports in our asp.net web application. Is there any other possible way of implementing the same or am I missing something? Since I can't find any proper examples for the same, I am posting this question. Kindly provide me your valuable inputs in finding a suitable solution.


      Thanks in advance.