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    Force Territory Sales


      I have 2 Excel worksheets. The first worksheet holds an entire list of all of the territories. The second worksheet holds sales data for the territories. What I've noticed is that when I display the sales in the fashion of a pivot table, those territories that have no sales are excluded from my pivot table. How can I force all territories to be displayed?

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          Dana Withers

          Are the sheets linked in a join in the data connection or are they blended (ie as two data sources, one with an orange tick mark and one with a blue one) ?


          If linked... have you linked using a left join and if so which sheet is on the left?

          If blended, which sheet has the orange tick mark and which has the blue one? Are you displaying the sales data directly or are you using a calculation?

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            The data is not blended. Both data sets are a separate worksheet within the same Excel workbook. The sheets are in a LEFT join (see picture below). "Territory Tier" includes all of the territories and the "SPEC" sheet includes all the sales. The sales data is being displayed directly.


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              I figured out how to do it. See how "SPEC" is on the left and "Territory Tier" is on the right? Just switch them and keep the same join. Works like a charm.