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    Subscriptions to skip on US Holidays

    Santhosh Thadakamalla

      Hi Champs,


      Our end users would like to subscribe the dashboards and need only on business days but don't want to get the dashboard on holidays. Please let me know if there is anyway to skip the dashboard subscription on holidays?

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          Matt Coles

          Hey Santhosh. If by "holidays", you mean weekend days that most people don't typically work on, such as Saturday and Sunday, then yes, you can set up your Schedules on Tableau Server to exclude the weekend days for a daily subscriptions, like so:



          If you mean holidays recognized by the United States such as Independence Day and Thanksgiving, and the like, then no, there is no built-in feature for that. But there are so few of them, it seems like it wouldn't be too much trouble to simply delete the extra emails a few times a year. So if you mean that instead, what is it that the users are trying to avoid with this ask?

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            Santhosh Thadakamalla

            Thanks Matt for your response.  Yes I am looking for holidays like Independence day and Christmas etc., As part of admin activities we have subscribed few of dashboards to the user groups and we would like to avoid running these reports on US holidays (I already taken care of weekends).


            Is there any possible solutions with the scripts like REST API or if any?

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              Matt Coles

              Thanks for clarifying. I'm still not sure I understand why it's so important to avoid sending them on the holidays, though. Is there a workflow being driven off these subscriptions that gets messed up when they're sent on days when people aren't working? Is it too confusing for people? Do they already have millions of emails in their Inbox when coming back from vacation that they want to avoid having to deal with? What is the real impact of these extra emails?


              I feel like I don't have the whole story, because if someone asked me to set something custom up so that Subscriptions avoided holidays, I'd tell them to just bite the bullet and delete the ten emails a year they don't need.


              That said, if this is a big enough deal for you that you're willing to invest effort into investigating custom options, then yes, there are ways to make this work. It's not exactly what it was designed for, but VizAlerts, A Data-Driven Alerting Tool for Tableau Server would work as a solution. It requires Server 8.2.5 or higher, opening up your PostgreSQL database for reporting, and setting up Trusted tickets. Probably a couple of hours of work to get it going, assuming all requirements are met. It is not a supported tool, and comes with no warranty. After setting it up, there are a couple ways you could achieve what you are looking for, depending on what you want it to be able to do.