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    Trusted ticket converting HTTPS URL to HTTP on return. iframe won't load due to protocol mismatch.

    Aaron Clancy

      Hi All,

      I'll get right to the problem. 


      Tableau Server:

      Load Balancer:  https://mytableau.com

      Web Portal:       https://mydashboards.com



      So I have a non-SSL enabled Tableau server that I access through a load balancer that has SSL enabled.

      If I want to embed a view on my web portal, this works fine as they are both HTTPS.

      All of this works fine.



      When I try to use trusted tickets, I request the ticket, add to the HTTPS url of https://mytableau.com/trusted/ticket1234/view/view/view    and then tableau consumes the ticket and tries to load a view of   http://mytableau.com/view/view/view  (Notices it changes the URL from HTTPS to HTTP) 

      This is prohibited by most browsers so my view will not load.



      I have the gateway.public.port set to 443.   (And all of the other gateway settings set accordingly)



      Any thoughts on what other configuration change I may need to make to ensure Tableau returns an HTTPS URL after trusted ticket and not HTTP  ?


      P.S.  I feel like I get one Bat Signal a year from Russell Christopher