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    A WDC for Star Wars fans out there...

    Eric Peterson

      There's a bit of Star Wars fever here at Tableau HQ...  In celebration of the film's upcoming release, I built a WDC for the Star Wars API.  I think you'll like what you see when you open it up in Tableau:




      Also wanted to share some key takeaways I discovered while building the WDC:


      • There's a lot of great code out there already. Leverage it!  Using the WDC Generator and an existing Star Wars API wrapper library meant that the time it took to build the real meat of the connector was somewhere in the area of 15-20 minutes. The vast majority of time (and you'll see this if you look at the commit history) was spent making tweaks to interaction and presentation.
      • Differences in OS X vs. Windows. I was surprised to find very subtle rendering differences in Tableau on a Mac vs. a PC. I didn't investigate this thoroughly; what bit me was attempting to style the select element. Try opening this CodePen up in the WDC connection dialog to see the differences. Possibly a bug? In any event, this has cross-platform compatibility and testing implications...
      • The rendering engine in Tableau may not be cutting edge (no ES6 support), but it's pretty slick! CSS animations are possible and the frame rate isn't bad. This leaves the door open for a lot of innovation in the space of WDC UX.



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