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    JSON Web Data Connector Authentication for ServiceNow

    Ray Blandford

      Hello everyone,


      I'm attempting to integrate basic authentication into the jsonConnector.html file provided in the SDK. We want to pull data from ServiceNow to run reporting in Tableau. At this point, I'm able to gather the form data and store them into username and password values, however, I'm confused on how to store these into their respective Tableau properties and how that process works. I'm attempting to call each method before the end of the interactive phase as instructed in the tutorial, however, I'm not able to authenticate. Currently, I'm making these calls in the _submitToJsonToTableau() function just before Tableau.submit() (see attached.) I'm fairly certain I will also need to add support for CORS as well, however, I'm not able to determine how to do this from the tutorial either. (Link to tut: http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/api/wdc/en-us/help.htm#WDC/wdc_authentication.htm?keywords=web%20data%20connector)


      Lastly, what are the data processing size limitations for the Web Data Connector? We have a very large JSON data set that updates real-time, however, the reporting would be run at set intervals primarily for historical data so we will consider this in our implementation as well. If there are performance limitations, we will have to determine if this is a viable option.


      If someone could help me identify the proper way to handle Basic Authentication and CORS within the jsonConnector.html, I would be most appreciative.


      Thank you.