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    Combining Count and Rolling Sum

    Oli K

      Hi all,


      Following up from Re: Running Sum Chart with Count on X-Axis? , I'm now trying to calculate a few stats on this.


      E.g., I want the count of accounts that make up 50% of $ value as per the chart in the other thread, to display as a floating box on top of my chart.


      What I have so far is this:

      IF(RUNNING_SUM(SUM([new_investedtotalusd]))<0.5*TOTAL(SUM([new_investedtotalusd]))) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END


      This assigns a 1 to the accounts I want to count, and a 0 to the accounts I don't want to count. All I need now is the sum or count of this - however I can't get that to work as it doesn't want me to run a count function on a sum.


      Is this possible?