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    Using tabcmd to select parameters with spaces and &

    Allen Gapara

      I am having some issues in trying to use tabcmd to create a pdf from a selectable parameter view. I am using Tableau 9.1

      The pdf will then be emailed. Instead of creating several dashboards with different urls, I would like one with the option to select Region parameters.



      The following works

      tabcmd get "" -f "C:\AutoTemp\eastFny.pdf"

      tabcmd get "" -f "C:\AutoTemp\midlandsFny.pdf"

      tabcmd get "" -f "C:\AutoTemp\southFny.pdf"



      The problem is the following

      tabcmd get " West" -f "C:\AutoTemp\southwestFny.pdf"

      tabcmd get " & Scotland" -f "C:\AutoTemp\northscotlandFny.pdf"

      tabcmd get "" -f "C:\AutoTemp\wholeCompany.pdf"


      It breaks when selecting South West. It can create pdfs for the top ones without spaces.