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    How do you read a forum question?

    Shawn Wallwork

      I thought the redesign team might better understand my recent requests for changes, if they understood how I read a forum question:

      1. Has someone already answered this question (I'm usually looking for zero here)?
      2. How long has this question gone unanswered (or not marked correct answer)?
      3. If there is a reply, how long ago was this reply posted?
      4. Who posted the reply? (If it's Pooja, I always move onto the next question ).
      5. I'll skim the start of the reply.
      6. I'll probably read the whole reply if the poster isn't someone I recognize. (Icons are how I recognize people.)
      7. I'll check the name/icon of the poster to see if I recognize (I used to also check the reputation level # below the icon.)
      8. Finally, I'll read the Title of the post
      9. Then read the whole question
      10. Lastly I'll reply, or not.


      I do this process for dozens of questions almost everyday. This used to be fairly easy and quick. Now it is much harder to pick out the parts that are most important to me for deciding whether to answer or not. #1-3 are all very light, gray and the smallest font size used, yet these are the things I need/want to find first. #4 is well, just plain too small. #5-9 work fine. #10 is again too light, and should be orange (?).


      My point is that the emphasis of the design is on Large Title, Medium Question & Reply, and everything else is small and hard to see/find, yet these small bits are the most important deciding factors in whether I answer, or even read, a post.


      How do you read a question? What parts are most important to you?




      EDIT: Essentially I'm asking who is the Forum Overview stream designed for? Questioners, or Browsers or Answerers? I would argue that we answerers are the intended audience. We're the bees that need to be drawn to the nectar. Make your flower easy to see (read), and we'll be happy to pollinate your forums.


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          Toby Erkson

          Ack!  Shawn, your 'thought bubble' #7 should be labeled as 6 and then the rest of the bubble numbers following be reduced by one.  Basically you skipped #6 and the rest of the bubbles are out of place.


          Good idea on how you process a post, informative!

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Yep, pasted the wrong version. It's fixed now. Thx.



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              Chris McClellan

              The only change I'd make is putting #8 first ..... I read the title to see if it sounds interesting or something I can help with.


              But you're right, if there's lots of replies then there's (maybe) no need to reply and if the "well known names" are in the thread already then there's even less need to reply.


              I'm still getting used to the new layout, there's a LOT more whitespace but I still use a lot of "open in a new tab" because I still can't get back to the right place sometimes.

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                This is a great way to figure how different people might read a question differently. I agree with Chris, that #8 is probably the first thing I notice to see if the question is feasible enough for my level of expertise. Sometimes, even if it is not my level of expertise, I will still read the question and the responses if it is something I would enjoy learning and eventually end up using in my workbooks.


                I like your #1 too but in most cases I am not looking at a zero here especially if it is something I am interested in learning but don't know the answer to, I would actually want to see some valuable responses from others. I definitely like your #6 because I pretty much read the whole thing if it is from someone who I do not recognize.


                And on a side note, I always read your answers unless it is the norm 'gotta packaged workbook?' because there isn't much to read there.


                Great post!


                EDIT: Oh yeah and I definitely agree about the fonts being not well aligned to your chronological order of need/thought to answer a question or not. Even the 'green border' for a correct answer has a minimal showcase after the upgrade (I think both of these were way better int he earlier version).

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Pooja, I didn't mean to imply that I don't read your replies. I do. But I tend to break forum browsing into two different activities:


                  • Hunting
                  • Learning


                  And I usually do these at different times. Hunting for questions to answer used to be done by quickly scanning all the recent posts on the Forum Overview tab. Except for an attachment indicator, it had all the information I needed to find and answer questions quickly, presented in an easily readable layout.


                  When I'm in learning mode, I'm more interested in reading answers from you and the 'usual suspects' that have been marked correct. (This way I avoid all the clarifying replies, which can go on and on.) I'm finding it easier to find these correct replies using my Inbox, an area I never used in the Jive 6, and now find very handy in Jive 8. Now all I have to do is figure out how to follow just the right things in my Inbox, so I get the stuff I want without all the other stuff.





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                    Ofcourse you didn't imply that, I was only joking! I thought you knew me better than that post TC15


                    And yeah, I like the 'inbox' feature too now. A quick snapshot of whats going on in the threads you responded to is awesome because sometimes things can get lost in your work email or personal email and you lose track.

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                      Jeff Strauss

                      +100 totally, thanks for posting

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                        Shawn Wallwork

                        (Yeah, but the neighbors are listening in, so we have to be careful!)


                        Actually, I accidentally had my Inbox setup to include actions most of you all take, as well as things I replied to. So I get a mish-mash of different kinds of activity, which is fun to explore. This may be my favorite 'new' feature in Jive 8 (though I suspect it's been there all along, and I'm just discovering it).



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                          Oh how does that work? It would be sweet to make that change!

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                            Shawn Wallwork

                            Uh-oh. I may have misunderstood what was getting into my Inbox. I am getting things in there that have nothing to do with me (threads I didn't participate in); so I assumed it was in my Inbox because it was one of you folks that I'm following.


                            Patrick Van Der Hyde can you help me out here? What gets posted to the Inbox? How? Where do we set this up?






                            EDIT: An Inbox instruction video would be wonderful!

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                              Patrick Van Der Hyde

                              Shawn - first thing to go through is all of the settings you have on the preferences page for what is sent to your email inbox





                              This combined with the things directed to your "Inbox" from 'following" others and places. 


                              Places you follow can be found here: https://community.tableau.com/places?filterID=following


                              and People you follow can be found by going to your profile and clicking on "Following". 


                              I tend to use following of places and people to capture most everything that happens in the community to email.  I then flush my email each week as part of my outlook clean up.  I do this for purposes of administration/moderation (keeping emails that are deleted, content changed, etc)  and I don't tend to use email to assist with my work flow.   The only community email I have come directly to my inbox is the "@" mention ones.


                              I'd like to learn more about how other users find the inbox helpful as I'd be happy to create a short video based on feedback. 



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