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    Replace certain text value with null

    K P

      Hello all,

      My data looks like this


      City               State       Country

      Boston          MA          USA

      Toronto        ON          Canada

      Tokyo           n/a          Japan

      Paris             n/a          France

      Surat            GU          India


      Now, I want to replace all 'n/a' values in State field to 'Null'. How do I do that?


      Reason I need to do this is when I put City field in on the map, some of the City marks don't show on the map.

      Because state value is N/A. and there is no state named N/A. Most of the countries do not have states so lot of the international cities don't show on the map.

      If I go to map option and remove State field form 'State geographic role', some international Cities started to show but lot of US cities disappear.

      Because there are same name cities in different states. So, I guess tableau doesn't know which mark to show.

      I just want to experiment if I change all N/A value to 'Null', may be I get more cities on the map.


      Please suggest any workarounds that you can think of.