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    How to create a dimension based on a table calc?

    Katherine L

      Hi All,


      Got a use case that's throwing me for a loop. Basically, I'd like to categorize the percent change to a prior record as up, down, or neutral. Then create a bar chart with the total Ups, Downs, and Neutrals. If we're using Superstore as an example, it'd look like this:


      Percent Change (Table Calc)Up/Down Flag (If Table Calc > 0 Then Up; Elseif < 0 Then Down)
      February 2011-16.51%Down
      March 201190.47%Up
      April 2011-15.57%Down
      May 20119.71%Up


      Total Ups: 2

      Total Downs: 2


      I've attached a workbook as an example. Thanks in advance for the help!