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    Taking certification exam from Australia

    Leo Kaplun

      Has anyone from Australia take the Tableau exam online?

      I've tried taking it twice and both times had to reschdule due to performance issues.

      On the first one, I tried to do it from home ADSL2+ (ethernet) but was told that the min upload speed needs to be 2Mb which I think is not possible on ADSL2+.

      On the second attempt I used fiber optic connection, but then the examiner did the latency test. In self-testing phase I could select AUS-Sydney as the location, which allowed me to pass this test. But this was not an option when he asked me to select my closest region. Instead it was only US, APAC and London. But I fail with all of these.

      The examiner connected me anyway after doing some more tests but the whole time it was lagging. About half way though the test the connection would start to drop out and it the lag time increased, so I had to cancel the exam.


      My question is, has anyone from Australia done it (I assume so) and how did you get around the internet requirements stage?